51st International Festival of Highlanders' Folklore

51st International Festival of Highlanders' Folklore

Zbliżenie na skórzany pas górala podhalańskiego
We invite you to the 51st International Festival of Highlanders' Folklore in Zakopane, where on 16–24 August 2019 you will have the opportunity to experience a folklore adventure with highlanders from various parts of the world. Bands from different countries and continents will compete for the festival's most important prize – "Złota Ciupaga" (Golden Ciupaga Axe).

The festival is a great opportunity for some fascinating meetings with the richness of highlander tradition, music, singing, dance, costumes, crafts and cuisine. The authentic highlander folklore will be presented during the festival by bands from Italy, Hungary, Ukraine, Turkey, Togo, Slovakia, Serbia, Napal, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Algeria. The leitmotif of this year's festival is "wedding" and all the rites and beautiful costumes that goes with it. The festival will be accompanied by an international scientific conference dedicated to the wedding rite. There will also be a common wedding party.

The program includes: Podhale Horse Wagon Driving Championships, competition for the Fiacre of the Year and the pytace singing competition, International Competition of Folk Bands, Instrumentalists and Singers, as well as folk music concerts, presentation of Podhale cuisine, Exhibition of the Tatra Sheepdogs, as well as Podhale art and handicraft workshops. The festival will also be enriched by accompanying events.


A detailed program is available on the festival website.

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