Folk Sculpture, Rajcowska Tower, Biecz

The examples of folk sculpture collected here are fragments of roadside chapels dating to the second half of the 19th century. 'Świątki', as depictions of saints and blesseds were called, are usually shown facing the congregation. The most often depicted were the figure of the Pensive Christ and the Crucifixion. They directly reflect the symbolism and the essence of the belief in the Passion of Christ.

Linden and pine wood were used most often. After the carving was finished they would be coated with bright paint. In addition to the sacral function, the sculptures served as a kind of signpost and terrain marker, and exposure to the weather caused the colours to fade quickly and the wood to decay.

The most well-known makers of 'świątki' from the Biecz area were Wojciech Koszyk (Gródek), Jan Kret (Sękowa), Paweł Szurek (Binarowa), and Jan Żyrkowski (Kobylanka).

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