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The saying, ‘rozpuszczony jak dziadowski Bicz’ (lit. 'spoiled like an old coot's Bicz') came from the town of Biecz. Originally, the saying was, ‘rozpuszczony jak dziad biecki’ (lit. 'spoiled like a beggar from Biecz'). Supposedly, in the 15th–16th centuries, the city was so rich, that even the city beggars would not be satisfied with just any handout. If a beggar in Biecz was offered a loaf of bread or a few coins, he would disdainfully reject such gifts. One would have to offer expensive shoes, a jacket made of precious fabric, a hat with peacock feathers, or a golden coin – then, he would accept it. Even the beggars in Biecz were spoiled and pretentious. And so, in Poland, the saying ‘rozpuszczony jak dziadowski Bi(e)cz’ – lit. ‘spoiled like a beggar from Biecz’ – is used to described someone picky and capricious.

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