Notable Sights in Biecz

The town hall – one of the city's most distinctive buildings, has a tower decorated with sgraffito.

The house of Becz the Bandit (Zbój Becz) –one of the more interesting burgher tenement houses with a historic driveway hall. According to legend, this tenement belonged to Becz the Bandit, the legendary founder of the city.

Medieval city walls – the remnants of the defensive walls which surrounded the hilltop gord in the Middle Ages.

Museum of the Land of Biecz – it has several branches: House with a Tower – a beautiful tenement with a Renaissance attique and frieze, the so-called 'Old Pharmacy' – it houses a pharmacy exhibition, Kromerówka – houses biographical exhibitions about Marcin Kromer and Wacław Potocki, Kowalska Tower – it contains a modern painting gallery and a permanent exhibition about scouting in Biecz; Turma under the town hall tower – a medieval prison.

Jewish Synagogue – it was built in mid-19th century; a second synagogue, called Talmud-Torah, was built in 1924–1928. Currently, it houses a library and an office.

Collegiate of Corpus Christi – a monumental temple with a soaring interior, a painting by an artist from Michael Angelo's circle, a beautiful polychrome, and relics of Queen Jadwiga.

Franciscan church – an outstanding Baroque poet was laid to rest in its underground.

Holy Spirit Hospital – a building funded by Queen Jadwiga, once the oldest and best-equipped hospital in Poland.

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