Chodor's Tenement House

The house of Becz the bandit (zbój Becz) is a tenement built in the Gothic period; in the 16th century, it belonged to the Chodors – a wealthy family of merchants and craftsmen from Biecz. In mid-16th century, Jerzy Chodor completely rebuilt the house: a second floor and a brewery were added and the cellars were widened. At the end of the 16th century, the building was purchased by the Mądrowicy family, later, its owners were the Łukowicze, and in 1626–1634 it was owned by Jan Gawroński, who came from a noble family. In 1666, the tenement was purchased by Kazimierz Lachowicz, a newcomer to the city, who opened a pharmacy there. After that, we know that in 1677 the owner of the building and the pharmacy was Maciej Nycz. The history of the tenement over the next two centuries is unknown. In the second half of the 19th century, the tenement passed into the ownership of the multi-generational Jewish family by the name of Klotz. Before the war, its owners were the families of two sisters: Leia Götz and Chawa Singer. The tenement housed 2 shops with various goods, a lime and fuel storage space, an Okocim beer wholesaler, and a Samuel Diller shoe shop.

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