Bronisław Kamiński – Cichociemny Binarowa

Bronisław Kamiński

Bronisław Kamiński, codename ‘Golf’, born November 15, 1918, in Binarowa, graduated from gimnazjum (secondary school) in Gorlice and finished the September campaign in the 2nd regiment of the Podhale Rifles (strzelcy podhalańscy). After Poland’s defeat in November 1939, he managed to get to Hungary and then to France through Yugoslavia. After France surrendered in 1940, he was evacuated to Britain. Three years later, he parachuted into Poland and was sworn in as a Home Army (Armia Krajowa) soldier. He served in the elite Silent Unseen (Cichociemni) unit. The military action during which he died on May 8, 1944, was to secure a weapons warehouse in a cottage near the village of Łęg, near Kraków. The detachment assigned to this task consisted of four Silent Unseen soldiers under the command of ‘Golf’ and six soldiers of the Home Army. As a result of Kamiński's soldiers disarming two Blue Policemen (policjanci granatowi) earlier, German formations immediately appeared at the scene of the skirmish. The wooden building where the Polish soldiers hid was not sufficient shelter. Pinned down and facing overwhelming odds, three Silent Unseen soldiers – including Sub-Lieutenant ‘Golf’ – were killed by the unrelenting fire from two German machine guns.

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