The ‘Sokół’ Gymnastics Society park

Park Towarzystwa Gimnastycznego Sokół

The ‘Sokół’ Gymnastics Society park in Ciężkowice is located at Parkowa Street, near the historical site of the local ‘Sokół’ headquarters. In 2014, a large-scale field game was installed in the park. The game consists of boards in the form of paved pathways, information boards, and a spinning drawing wheel. Special game fields were marked with large sculptures of animals, e.g., kingfishers, bullhead fish, otters, yellow-bellied toads, and grey herons. The plot of the game involves the Tarnów Biała River and the Nature 2000 area, where these important animals can be found. The park belonged to the ‘Sokół’ Gymnastics Society, founded on November 3, 1910, in Ciężkowice. The organisation’s aim was to promote physical fitness and patriotic and educational activity. There is also a statue of St. Francis of Assisi in the park.


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