The Far-Reaching 2019 - summer meetings of travellers in Tarnów

The Far-Reaching 2019 - summer meetings of travellers in Tarnów

Let's meet at the Mościce Art Centre, just before the summer holidays, to inspire each other to actively spend our vacation. While listening to the unusual stories of the invited guests, we can plan our own trips, journeys, and travels. While getting to know their lifestyle, challenges, and motivations, we can make use of their advice and knowledge to take on our own vacation challenges, life challenges. The festival will take place on June 15-16. The event is organized as part of the Małopolska Feast.

Every journey means discovering ourselves.

It is the key to understanding the world, to noticing and accepting other cultures. A journey should be more than just a relaxation, a rest, or a hurried rally to see more and more tourist sights. It should include new experiences, places, flavours, smells, and people. Every new person we meet leaves a mark on us. Every human being should be curious all the time and hungry for knowledge: ask questions, study everything, pay close attention to the world and themselves. Life is much more worth if you live it bravely. Do not be afraid to err, because this also is a part of the journey. Each march begins with the first step, and some paths start looking charming only when we decide to follow them. So let's not be afraid to live and let's plan our adventure today.
"The Far-Reaching" Festival was created in order to inspire you. Come to the Mościce Art Centre today!    

The Festival programme:

June 15 (Saturday):

    3.00 PM - Between the jungle and the beach - Adrianna Jarczyk
    4.30 PM - Kross The Himalaya (Cycling through the highest mountain passes of the world) - Marcin Korzonek
    6.00 PM - The Fascinating Laos - Piotr Wnuk
    7.30 PM - Elders of the world - Szymon "Stafa" Stawski
    9.00 PM - "Blue Heart" movie (44')

June 16 (Sunday):

    3.00 PM - Adventure Racing, a way to realize your dreams, not just the ones connected with sport - Artur Kurek
    4.30 PM - To the inside of French Guiana - Tomasz Owsiany
    6.00 PM - Namibia. Through the desert and bush - Anna i Krzysztof Kobusowie
    7.30 PM - I do what I love. You can do it to! - Andrzej Budnik
    9.00 PM - "In the Starlight" movie (53')


1. Elders of the world – an exhibition of photographs by Szymon Stawski
2. Stories – an exhibition of photographs by Paweł Zgrzebnicki

Detailed information about the festival is available on the organizer's website.

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