The House of Becz, Biecz

The Chodor's Tenement House, the so-called House of Becz, is one of the more interesting burgher tenement houses with a historic driveway hall. The tenement's historical qualities are expressed in the Gothic brickwork of its walls, its Gothic cellars, and numerous Renaissance portals. According to legend, this tenement belonged to Becz the Bandit (Zbój Becz) – the legendary founder of the city, a wealthy knight who took part in the Crusades. He often robbed rich caravans, took valuables, and freed slaves. Once, he freed a young orphan named Bietka and decided to take care of her. However, fearing for her upbringing, he gave her to the prince's court. Merchants complained to the price about the frequent robberies, most often perpetrated by Becz. The prince ordered him to be captured and sentenced him to death by beheading. As the executioner prepared to carry out the sentence, a beautiful young girl with a white headscarf pushed her way to the front. Running up the platform, she threw her scarf over Becz, shouting ‘He's mine! Becz was freed and the girl turned out to be Bietka. As part of his repentance, Biecz used all his valuables to fund the building of a city on a hill, by the Ropa river. The prince issued a founding charter for the city, which, in honour of Becz, is known as Biecz to this day.


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