Pharmacy Room, House with a Tower, Biecz

The exhibition transports us into a world of medicinal substances and pharmaceutical curiosities. It was in the House with a Tower that Marcin Barian Rokicki opened the first pharmacy in Podkarpacie (Subcarpathia). We invite you to direct you attention to the interior spaces and look carefully for the pharmacy’s emblems  of a bear’s head and the Barian coat of arms.

The exhibition is a collection of laboratory glassware, professional pharmaceutical equipment, and numerous supplementary tools. It is worth paying attention to peculiar inventions such as the blood-letting devices or pill makers that sit next to microscopes and laboratory glassware. The rostrum of a sawfish and the crocodile command attention and testify to the comprehensive knowledge of pharmacists and their passion for fauna. The works of Avicenna, a Persian scholar to whom we owe natural philosophy, guide books and manuscript collections complement the exhibition. .

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