Study, Dołęga Manor House

On display in the study is an oil painting by Jan Lorenowicz titled ‘Rabacja 1846’. The painting was made in 1851, five years after the tragic events of the Galician Slaughter, and came from the Sanguszko palace in Tarnów. The painting’s theme relates to the history of the Dołęga Manor House. One of the victims of the Peasant Uprising was the then owner of Dołęga, who was murdered by the peasants. The scenes depicted in the painting are most likely set in the village of Lisia Góra near Tarnów, as indicated by the view of the city of Tarnów seen from the south in the background. The bloody scenes depicted in the painting, the ransacked manor house, the smashed sledge, the dying woman, are considered to be the painter’s symbolic depiction of the events of the Peasant Uprising.

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