Living Room, Dołęga Manor House

In the living room, on the central shelf of the cabinet, you can see an 1893 commemorative brass medal, designed by Juliusz Kossak and dedicated to the creators of the ‘Chorał’ (‘Chorale’) music piece – the poet Kornel Ujejski and the composer Józef Nikorowicz. The obverse of the medal features depictions of the two authors, while the reverse is decorated with a thorn bush. The medal contains a quotation from ‘Chorał’: ‘Z dymem pożarów, z kurzem krwi bratniej, do Ciebie, Panie, bije ten głos’ (‘With the smoke of fires, with the dust of brotherly blood, to Thee, O Lord, this voice resounds’) and a dedication ‘To the Creators of Chorał from the Artistic and Literary Circle in Kraków, 1893.’ The medal is a gift donated by the Jan Matejko Memorial Museum, which is one of the branches of the Tarnów Regional Museum. The writing of ‘Chorał’ was influenced by the tragic events of the Galician Slaughter, which was an anti-noble peasant uprising of 1846 inspired by the Austrian occupying forces. At the end of the 19th century, the song had become very popular and was also among the songs that served as the Polish national anthem. The medal also alludes to the fate of the Dołęga Manor during the Galician Rabacja. Like many other manor houses in Galicia, it too became the target of peasant attacks.

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