The nineteenth-century granary now located in the orchard area next to the Manor House in Dołęga originally came from the Tarnów Sanguszko princes’ grange. The granary building was renovated and moved to Dołęga in 1982, a year after the museum was opened. It is a wooden building supported by columns and covered with a hipped shingled roof. It has two floors, the lower floor serving as a warehouse and the upper containing mows (‘sąsieki’) for storing harvested grain, hay, and straw. On the south side, at the height of the second floor, the granary has a covered alcove where there was originally a manual winch used to move heavy loads of grain directly to the mows’ level. Outbuildings such as the village granary were an essential part of the functioning of a noble’s farm. In the mid-19th century, the Dołęga manor grounds covered around 300 hectares. The manor made its earnings mainly from agriculture and cattle breeding.

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