Historical Room Regional Chamber Andrychów

Honorowi obywatele gminy Andrychów

The beginnings of Andrychów date back to the 14th century, but it received town privileges much later. The first attempts to create a town, which took place in 1704, were unsuccessful. On October 24, 1767, King Stanisław August Poniatowski gave the owner of the Andrychów estate, Stanisław Ankwicz, permission to establish a town there. This was in large part thanks to the local weavers, who made Andrychów an important centre of linen production. The town had a private character (until 1848), and its owner, in accordance with the royal privilege, had the right to delineate its borders, regulate issues related to its functioning, and organise the town's population. Stanisław Ankwicz created the town in an area separated from the village of Andrychów. For 118 years, the town and the village of Andrychów existed side by side. In the 19th century, with the development of the town came the need to expand its borders. The dispute over the borders of the two centres, often reduced to furtively moving the border posts, was often settled by the Wadowice district authorities. Finally, on June 28, 1886, a meeting of the City Council was convened, at which a resolution to merge the two centres was adopted.


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