Craft room Regional Chamber Andrychów

Eksponaty w sali rzemiosł

In the craft room no. 1, there are corners for the tailor's, shoemaker's, and potter's crafts. Crafts, along with agriculture and trade, were the primary occupation of the inhabitants of the Andrychów area. This was due to the shape of the terrain, which prevented large-scale cultivation of land. Already at the end of the 17th century, the Andrychów estate records note around a dozen representatives of different professions, and in the next century, the first guilds were established, even though Andrychów did not have town privileges yet. Part of this exhibition is about the tailors' guild, which was established in 1768. We do not know the opening dates of the shoemakers' and potters' guilds. Andrychów pottery usually appears in various Polish museums because of jugs with a "Pamiątka z Kalwaryi" ("Souvenir from Kalwaria") vignette. These jugs of various sizes were prepared by our potters for sale to pilgrims, who came to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska for the August 15 church fair. Next to their stalls, other inhabitants of Kalwaria tempted the pilgrims with pickled cucumbers and cucumber water. Those who did not bring their own pot bought a jug here and used it to carry water from the holy Cedron spring back home.


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