School Room Regional Chamber Andrychów

Tablica w sali szkolnej

In this room is an exhibition showing mementoes related to education in the Andrychów area. Here you can find school diplomas, textbooks, desks, photos, short profiles of teachers (some of the streets in Andrychów are named after them), or emblems of local schools. This room also exhibits the flag and the last blackboard of the Primary School No. 1. The school cultivated the traditions of the first school in Andrychów, opened in 1791, and was closed in 2005. Since 1962, the Primary School No.1's patron was Tadeusz Kościuszko, who was always very respected by Andrychów's inhabitants. He has a street and a spring under the Pańska Góra mountain named after him, and was the patron of the local Gymnastics Society "Sokół". Moreover, there was a legend among the locals about a speech that Kościuszko supposedly delivered from the balcony of the house of Burych in Rynek, which no longer exists. The memory of the Commander-in-Chief was also alive among the inhabitants of neighbouring towns. In 1906, a folk school was established in the Sułkowice-Bolęcina hamlet. It was the youngest institution of this kind established in the Andrychów area, and at the same time the first one to choose a patron in February 1914. Tadeusz Kościuszko was that chosen patron.


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