Drawing Room, Hipolit House, Kraków

The painting's author is Jan Wincenty Kopff, a painter born in 1763 in Moravia. In 1790 he went to Kraków to study with his uncle, Dominik Estreicher, then went to Warsaw to study with Marcello Bacciarelli and Franciszek Smuglewicz. He mostly painted miniatures, portraits, copies, and religious paintings. He died in 1832 in Kraków. His most famous work is the 1815 painting depicting his children. In the centre is Ludwika in a blue dress with a colourful flower crown on her head and a garland in her left hand. On the left is Konstanty with a bouquet of flowers and on the right, Wiktor with a white dog on his lap. Ludwika painted still lifes and mythological and genre scenes. Konstanty studied with his father and in the School of Fine Arts in Kraków. He drew and copied prints and paintings. Wiktor became a lawyer and a Republic of Kraków senator. In Ludwika's crown of flowers we can see various types of flowers. There are orange avens, forget-me-nots, yellow narcissi, pink roses, and morning glories and in the garland are lilac, tulips, and white narcissi.

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