Little Office, Hipolit House, Kraków

Several stone steps lead to this small room built in the 17th century. The little cabinet used to be richly decorated with polychrome. Only the Renaissance ceiling frieze has survived to this day. An 'almaria' – a wall cupboard – was placed on one of the walls. Under it stands an oak dowry chest from 1775. The 18th-century cabinet-type cupboard with a small sculpture depicting the Madonna with Child is a characteristic piece of furniture. Above, in the alcove with the almaria, is a portrait of a man painted circa 1730. Next to it on the wall is a very interesting 'stołkowy' (. 'stool') Dutch clock from the mid-18th century that operates by the action of a weight mechanism. The table is set with 17th-century tinware and decorated with a 1599 turret clock made in northern Germany. The richly carved Renaissance stool behind the table is known as a 'sgabello', which points to its Italian origin. From the inspections carried out in the tenement, we know that in the 17th century, this cabinet was furnished in a similar way.

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