Collector's Room, Hipolit House, Kraków

We are now in a room of a person who collects diverse works of art. A 17th-century ceiling and a beautiful Renaissance polychrome inter-window column have been preserved in this room. One of the largest collection of clocks in Poland is presented here. In addition to clocks, there are many paintings in the collector's room. Some of the more noteworthy ones are ‘Summer in Bronowice’ by Ludwik de Laveaux, several paintings by Wojciech Weiss (‘Self-Portrait with an Apple’, ‘Nude’, ‘Botanical Garden’, and the brilliant yellow and red ‘Krakowianka’), paintings by Vlastimil Hofmann, Włodzimierz Tetmajer (‘Angels at Piast's’, ‘Harvest’), Leon Wyczółkowski (‘The Wawel Crucifix’), and portraits by Teodor Axentowicz and Pantaleon Szyndler. In addition to paintings, there are also sculptures. Particularly noteworthy are the woman's bust by Konstanty Laszczka and the sculptural group ‘Vistula and Wawel’ by Antoni Kurzawa. Near the window stands a colourful vase with turkeys designed by Jan Szczepkowski and made in Kraków’s famous Niedźwiedzki factory in Dębniki. The collector's room, with its trove of works of art, trinkets, and artistic knickknacks, is permeated by the spirit of the 19th century. Similarly decorated interiors could be found in many houses in Kraków, and their collections were often transferred to museums.

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