Bedroom, Hipolit House, Kraków

The style of the bedroom is uniform. In this respect, it is unique in this house. 19th-century polychrome on the walls, a delicate celadon green pattern, perfectly complements the set of Biedermeier furniture. Two beds with extravagant coverings and joined into a double bed occupy the central spot in the room. Bedside tables stand on the sides. On the wall by the headrest, a holy painting of the Virgin Mary is placed on a large hanging divan. Near the parents' bed is a small children's bed with a picture of St. Joseph with Child hanging above it. Next to the window is a ladies' vanity with a large mirror, separated by a screen. On the other side, collars and shirt cuffs are lying on an eclectic console with a mirror in a gilded frame; on the floor are books and toy blocks for the youngest children. This room is the kingdom of the lady of the house, and so it houses the sewing machine.

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