Cleaning Bay with Water Cranes

Kanał oczystkowy

Chabówka Open-Air Rolling Stock Museum, there is one active cleaning bay. As the name suggests, it is used for cleaning steam locomotives, specifically, for cleaning the ash pan beneath the furnace of ash residue resulting from burning coal. After returning from pulling trains, each steam locomotive must be cleaned of slag, ash, and silt that collect in the smokebox. Additionally, the canal was used by engine drivers to lubricate the friction parts of the steam locomotive’s running gear, which can only be accessed from below. Additionally, the engine driver can inspect the technical condition of the locomotive. Above the canal is a special DEMAG-system slag hoist. It is used to remove the vat of locomotive ash from the cleaning bay. Additionally, after lifting the vat above the track, it can move it to the side, e.g., to load it onto a car. Next to the bay are two working water cranes used to refill the water supply in a locomotive before its departure. It can refill a locomotive with up to 40,000 litres of water at a time. The cranes are supplied by a special water line from a water station located in a separate building.

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