Polish Martyrology Chapel, Tarnów Cathedral

Rooms of the former collegiate church became a part of the northern nave. Going from the west these are: the St. Anna chapel, the porch with a side entrance, then the former treasury and, as of 1712, the Holy Relics chapel on the upper floor. These days, only the variety of ceiling types serves as a reminder of the heterogeneous nature of this architecture. The St. Anna chapel has a stellar vault, the porch has a cross vault while the former Holy Relics chapel is covered with a Baroque elliptical cupola with a lantern. In the nave, note the monument to Rev. Kasper Branicki who died aged 27. The monument was made around 1602 by the Italian artist Santi Gucci. Other things worth seeing include the altar of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the gilded brass tabernacle of 1892 and the antependium made between 1753 and 1755 in Wrocław and Augsburg for the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec. From the nave a door leads to the northern vestibule, added in 1897, with a Gothic portal from 1400, which is the oldest portal in the cathedral. Today, the vestibule is called the Polish Martyrdom Chapel and is the place of night-time adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The chapel contains the painting by Adam Faglio from Nowy Wiśnicz depicting Blessed Priest Roman Sitko, the rector of the Tarnów Theological Seminary and a martyr of Auschwitz. A bronze plaque dedicated to the memory of all the priests of the Tarnów diocese murdered during the tragic years of World War II (1939–1945) can be seen next to this painting.



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