Southern Porch, Tarnów Cathedral

The tower dates back to the time when the church was rebuilt after a fire in 1494. The ground floor of the porch has a cross vault on brick ribs. A late Gothic sandstone portal leading to the main nave is topped with a semicircle bearing the coat of arms of Leliwa. The door to the nave is clad in sheet metal latticework with rosettes. The second, neo-Gothic portal located on the exterior of the tower is made of sandstone. It was designed by Julian Zachariewicz, the author of the Cathedral and tower makeover who founded the mosaic image of the Madonna of Częstochowa visible at the top. The door commemorating the jubilee of 1000 years of Christianity in Poland (966-1966) is decorated with an inscription saying ‘Sacrum Poloniae Millenium’ and bronze figures of St. Stanisław and St. Kinga, patrons of Poland and of the Tarnów diocese. Insite the porch is the oldest epitaph in this church, dedicated to the rather unknown sculptor Wojciech from Krakow who died in 1575 at the young age of 26. There is also a marble plaque commemorating the initiator of the cathedral makeover, Bishop Ignacy Łobos (1900) and a monument to Wincenty Witos (1874-1945) from nearby Wierzchosławice, a local mayor, well-known activist, member of parliament and twice prime minister, a man of great wisdom and deep faith.

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