Monument to Three Jans, Tarnów Cathedral

The Monument to Three Jans founded by Hetman Jan Tarnowski around 1536 and made in the Wawel studio of Bartłomiej Berecci. It depicts the father of the Tarnów Hetman Jan Amor, Hetman’s brother Jan and Jan’s son Aleksander who died in infancy. The monument initially stood in the chancel and was a stacked tombstone. In 1561 when the construction of a monument to Jan Hetman Tarnowski began after his death, the monument to his father and brother was transferred and, in a changed arrangement suggested by Jan Maria Padovano, placed in the St. Anna Chapel. Under the choir are former late-Gothic stalls dating to the end of the 15th century. They were brought here from the chancel in the 16th century to make room for tombstones. The original embellishments and large size of the Tarnów stalls make them stand out among the ten Gothic woodcarvings of this kind that have survived to our times in Małopolska. Burial vaults are located under the floor of the Cathedral. There are seven of them: two in the chancel under the monuments to the Earl Tarnowski and Duke Ostrogski families and the third one is under the main nave. There are two others, also for the Tarnowski family, under the former Sending the Apostles Out chapel and one in each of the former Holy Cross chapel and St. Anna chapel. All of them are made of brick with barrel vaults. The only crypt open to visitors is located in the northern nave, under the former St. Anna chapel. There are two large stone sarcophagi there. Rev. Andrzej Tarło (1642), a Provost of the local Collegiate Church, rests in one of them while the other holds Bishop Józef Grzegorz Wojtarowicz, the Tarnów ordinary in 1840–1850, Bishop Franciszek Lisowski (1939), Bishop Jan Stepa (1959) and Archbishop Jerzy Ablewicz (1990). The sgraffito decoration that adorns the vault of this crypt refers to Christian eschatology and the beatification of Karolina Kózkówna in 1987. The coffin of Hetman Jan Tarnowski, upholstered in red leather with metal sequins, probably still lies in the Tarnowski crypt under the chancel. Two tin coffins, one for Duke Janusz (1620) and the other one for his wife Zuzanna (1596) are kept in the Ostrogski crypt with the entrance from the southern nave.

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