Salt Mine, Bochnia

Welcome to the oldest rock salt mine in Poland, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You are currently in the building of the Customer Service Office, if you already bought a ticket on-line, please go to the Office to go down to the mine. If not, please go to the ticket office. There, you will also find out at what times you can go to the mine!

To enter the oldest salt mine in Poland, you will travel down the Campi Shaft. Discover the most important and fun facts about this place:

Permission to excavate the shaft was issued by King Zygmunt August in 1555. Work began in 1556.

After 12 years of uninterrupted arduous work, the topmost salt deposits were reached.

The first name of the shaft came from the name of its builder – Fajgel. Later, it was called Polny (Field) because of its location outside the city, among meadows and fields. Finally, the Latin name 'Campi', meaning 'field', became popular.

In the 16th century, the Campi shaft was 98 m deep and at the end of the 18th century – 212 m, and in 1912 – slightly over 412 m.

The tourist trail you are embarking on is at a depth of 202 m, measured relative to the Campi shaft. You will go down to the August level in the mine.






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