Shooting Hall Celestat, Kraków

This part of the exhibition shows the weapons used in the past by the inhabitants of Kraków (crossbows, arquebuses, shotguns, halberds, spontoons, etc.) and models of Kraków's fortifications. Precious relics and artefacts (the so-called 'klejnoty' – 'jewels') related directly to the functioning of the organisation and its customary leaders – królowie kurkowi ('shooting kings'). These are: portraits, valuable abdication gifts, items gifted by the authorities (e.g., a silver service set – a gift from Emperor Franz Joseph I), goblets, chalices, and distinctions. The most precious jewel of Kraków's Shooting Society is, without a doubt, the Silver Rooster ('Srebrny Kur'). This exceptional masterpiece was made between 1564 and 1565 by Gian Giacopo Caraglio (circa 1500–1570). There is a legend connected to the society's acquisition of the rooster, which says that they received it from Zygmunt August himself. However, the facts are different. The city authorities of Kraków allocated funds for the creation of the bird's depiction in connection with the reorganisation of the society, which received a new statute and shooting decree, which constituted the organisational-legal basis for the functioning of the organisation.

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