Film Café, Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory, Kraków

Plan filmowy Listy Schindlera

The Film Café contains memorabilia related to Steven Spielberg's film ‘Schindler's List’ – posters, film set photographs, props, and film stills. Released in December 1993, Steven Spielberg's film is based on Thomas Keneally's book ‘Schindler's Ark’. The director shot most of the film's scenes in Kraków. For example, he shot the scenes of forced labour conscription and the famous scene with the girl in a red coat on Szeroka Street, which played the part of Plac Zgody (currently Plac Bohaterów Getta) in ‘Schindler's List’. In turn, the film's Plaszow concentration camp was built at the foot of Krakus Mound ('Kopiec Krakusa'), on the site of the former ‘Liban’ quarry. The remnants of the film set are there to this day. In this building, scenes were shot on the stairwell leading to the 2nd floor, which currently presents the history of the forced resettlement of Kraków's Jews to the ghetto.

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