‘Manggha’ Museum of Japanese Art and Technology

Wystawa sztuki japońskiej

Culture collider Post-exotic art – an original project by Goschka Gawlik, a curator from Vienna, contemplating the situation of modern art that is created in the global village, subject to the same constant mutations, mutual influences and effects, uses amplified quotes and references. The international group of artists using different techniques and various artistic styles is united by openness, curiosity about diversity, and the desire to cross beyond the framework of their own cultures. European artists are keen to use references to signs, symbols, and stereotypes from the Far East. Asian artists, who have grasped the achievements of modern art and freely use them, and are at the same time conscious of the meaning of their own cultural background, conduct a kind of dialogue game with Western culture. The displayed works, saturated with meanings, enter into relations with each other and thus acquire new meanings. The eponymous 'culture collider' (a reference to the Large Hadron Collider, in which the collision of particles often results in the creation of new ones) does not indicate confrontation but creation of new artistic qualities.


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