The Orthodox Church of the BMV of the Immaculate Conception, Krzywa

Drewniana cerkiew z blaszanym dachem widziana z zewnątrz.

The Orthodox Church located here was built in 1854, destroyed during the World War I and reconstructed in 1924-1926. It does not look like typical Lemko churches. Its creators were inspired by the Ruthenian and Byzantine architecture. It is an elongated wooden building divided into three parts: a wider nave and vestries added on both sides of the presbytery. The entire building is topped with three octagonal domes symbolizing the Holy Trinity. The furnishings are modest. The main altar with a tabernacle decorated with paintings depicting biblical scenes and side altars survived to our times inside. Next to the church is a small wooden belltower built in 1924. This building was renovated in 2009-2010 and in 2014. It serves as a Roman Catholic church now.

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