Little Polish Way of Saint James

Oznakowanie szlaku św. Jakuba - żółta muszla na niebieskim tle
Little Polish Way of Saint James takes you along the valley of Vistula and is related to a medieval road which was used as early as in the time of first Piasts.
The location of James the Greater Apostle churches helped to map out the route. These churches suggest that in the Middle Ages there was a pilgrimage route here to the grave of James the Greater Apostle in Santiago de Compostela. The churches were located in close proximity, which allowed to cover the distance between them in one day.  
In 2008 the first fragment of the Little Way of Saint James was reconstructed, from Pałecznica through Więcławice Stare. The whole route is almost 200 km long and divided into 9 stages. The route is available from Sandomierz to Kraków. Special signs with St. James scallop shells, which are the symbol of this route, help to follow it.
The route follows tracks and paved roads, passes through picturesque landscape and along it there are shelters for pilgrims.
The Little Way is a part of a Polish network of existing St. James routes which in turn form a part of European tracks leading up to a Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela.