Defensive Walls, Biecz

Along the defensive walls is the chapel of St. Barbara built in 1850 in place of a previous Gothic chapel with partial use of its predecessor's walls. It is an integral part of the defensive wall, adjoining them directly. The old clergy house from the 16th/17th centuries is located in the chapel's extension. Similarly, the remnants of the Norbertine monastery are part of the defensive walls through the western wall; one of the defensive towers was built into the monastery. Currently, its height is aligned with the rest of the building's roof. The late-Gothic 15th-century bell tower located on the path of the old defensive walls served a defensive role, as evidenced by the surviving brackets at the first-floor level (serving as supports for the balcony that used to encircle the belfry) and the arrowslits on the tower's highest level. At the same height as the arrowslits, there is a 16th century sgraffito decoration depicting St. Mary with Child and the figures of St. Wojciech and St. Stanisław on her sides. The shields are inscribed with the capital letter B topped with a crown. Inside the belfry was a Gothic Urban bell from 1382. One of the gates with a defence system adjoined the defensive tower at that time; today there is no trace of it.

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