Folk art, non-European cultures

Muzeum im. Stanisława Fischera w Bochni

Welcome to the Museum in Bochnia, founded in 1959 by Stanisław Fischer (1879-1967), a professor at the local gimnazjum, an outstanding collector, researcher of the history of Bochnia and the region, author of studies on the subject. On the ground floor, we present examples of the material culture of villages, items illustrating yearly customs (Christmas and Easter periods), and especially folk art: woodcuts, painting (also on glass) and sculpture, with works by Jędrzej Wawra (1864-1937) from around Wadowice, Józef Janos (1895-1985) from Dębno Podhalańskie, and local artists. On the ground floor, there is also an exhibition showing cultures from beyond Europe: these collections come from Africa, Asia, and America. There are numerous exhibits from China, donated by Stanisław Tworzydło, a graduate of the Beijing Central Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts, and from Kenya, mainly from Michał Czyżewicz, a doctor and artist who paints African landscapes. The non-European collection was also co-created by other people: Mirosław Kruszyński from Geneva, Irena and Adam Krzeczewscy from Gliwicz, the Redemptorist Ludwik Stańdo, the missionary Włodzimierz Toboła.

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