The most interesting attractions in and around Rabka-Zdrój for families with children

Children with their parents on the queue, carousel in the background.
Rabka-Zdrój is best known for its status as a children's health resort that treats diseases mainly of the respiratory and circulatory systems. Moreover, in 1996 Rabka-Zdrój was awarded the title ‘Town of Children of the World’. Many of its attractions are geared towards families with children, and the resort’s charming location where the Gorce Mountains meet the Island Beskids is an added value for this place. For this reason, many people choose this small, atmospheric town and its surroundings for a weekend getaway. In this article, we will recommend points of interest to add to a trip so that both children and their parents are satisfied.

The Władysław Orkan Museum

According to many people, its location is the most peculiar thing about the Władysław Orkan Museum. Namely, the Museum is housed in a historic larch Church of St. Mary Magdalene dating from 1606. This gives the place its unique atmosphere and even transports you back in time. The Museum collections will delight all age groups. Children will probably be interested in folk toys or musical instruments, while adults will be intrigued with the items of daily use, clothes, paintings, sculptures and other souvenirs of the Beskid highlanders and artists from long ago. There are also temporary exhibitions, regularly featured events, and themed workshops.


The biggest and best-known attraction of the resort is Rabkoland, an amusement park that has been in operation for more than 30 years. It is interesting to note that it originally had a completely different name, ‘Alibaba Lunapark’. You won’t believe how delightful it is  when you are in Rabka-Zdrój with your children. Its ‘catchiness’ is impossible to resist. Rabkoland, created with the youngest in mind, does not have tall, 140 km/h rollercoasters, so anxious parents can sigh in relief. Instead, an area of around 2 hectares houses a variety of attractions. It is impossible to list them all, but some of the most interesting are Łódź Wikinga (Viking Boat), Kopalnia Złota (Gold Mine), Wiking Coaster (Viking Coaster), Zaginacz Czasoprzestrzeni (Time Warp), Patataj (Horse Riding), Muzeum Rekordów i Osobowości (Museum of Records and Personalities), Straszny Dwór (Haunted Mansion) and Cyrk Luster (Circus of Mirrors). There is also no shortage of classic funfair attractions in the form of an autodrome, water pontoons, merry-go-rounds and a stand with children's favourite, candyfloss. Ticket prices depend on a person's height.

Rolling Stock Open-Air Museum in Chabówka

The Rolling Stock Open-Air Museum in Chabówka is another museum worth visiting, just two kilometres from the spa. The place appeals not only to lovers of railway history but also to outdoor activity fans. The Rolling Stock Open-Air Museum in Chabówka was created on the site of a former steam locomotive depot. The open-air museum has around 90 antique decommissioned rail vehicles, including steam locomotives, carriages, and diesel and electric locomotives. Some of them are the sole remaining preserved examples in the whole of Poland. Most exhibits can be touched, or you can go inside the old locomotives, which can be particularly interesting for children. In the summer, a ride on a retro tourist train between Chabówka and Kasina Wielka is an additional attraction.

Shepherd’s Hut on Maciejowa

Fans of hiking and active recreation will also find something for themselves. One of the trails – southeast of Rabka-Zdrój, by the red tourist trail going to Stare Wierchy and Turbacz – leads to Maciejowa. Why is Maciejowa the ideal peak for families with children? It is not high, not demanding, the altitude is low and about a kilometre from the summit is a youth hostel, otherwise known as a shepherd's hut. The proximity of Gorce National Park, beautiful scenery, great food, accommodation and, above all, contact with nature – the shepherd's hut offers all this. You can reach the shepherd's hut in several ways, from the centre of Rabka-Zdrój Spa, Jasionowa, or from Rabka-Zdrój Słone.


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