Discover Tarnów on the Mascaron Trail A jester’s grin is a tourist attraction that delights!

The Mascaron Trail in Tarnów – the Mascaron Jester (Trefniś) in the Łokietek Alley.
If you're thinking of the perfect place for a weekend getaway, Tarnów could be a good option! With its rich history and unique atmosphere, the city hides surprises will stun even the most demanding tourists. Recently, you may have met some unusual visitors on the streets of Tarnów. Indeed, a new tourist route – the MascaronTrail – has appeared in the city.

Mascarons – not only on Tarnów City Hall

Mascarons, decorative heads with various expressions on their faces, adorn buildings in Tarnów. The most characteristic and well–known are the Renaissance mascarons on Tarnów's City Hall. Now, they have new colleagues here and there in the streets of Tarnów!

The Mascaron Trail leads you through the city's most important landmarks and attractions, with each figure having its unique symbolism and telling its own fascinating story. It’s no coincidence that there are 14 mascaron figures. Fourteen is the number of members formerly in the city council.

Spirit of the Theatre (Duch Teatru), Jester (Trefniś)... on the Mascaron Trail

The Mascaron Trail is an excellent idea for a family trip! A map of the trail and stickers, which tourists may collect, are available at the Tourist Information Centre.  At each mascaron, an information board with a QR code awaits. Scan it, and you'll be ready to dive into the world of Tarnów adventures! On the walk, you will meet the Spirit of the Theatre (Duch Teatru), the Guardian of the Elements (Strażnik Żywiołów), the Guardian of Identity (Strażnik Tożsamości), the Mascaron of the Young (Maszkaron Młodych), and the Jester (Trefniś), and you will have the opportunity to discover the charms of the city.

We strongly encourage you to plan such an unusual tour of Malopolska. If you are looking for a place that will surprise you with its originality and charming atmosphere, Tarnów and its Mascaron Trail is an excellent choice!

Here are the places where you can see Tarnów mascarons: 


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