Władysław Wołkowski Museum

Situated south of the Market Square, the Olkusz Centre of Culture consists of a complex of historical buildings such as the St. Martin orphanage, a former St. Blaise hospital and a convent of the Daughters of Charity as well as the eye-catching 19th-century manor house of the Machnicki family with its classicist portico. The complex ends on the south side with a glazed exhibition pavilion while the garden between the buildings features stone pavements and terraces as well as the remains of the former Pilecka adit. In the inter-war period and after World War II, the manor house was a meeting place for the Olkusz elites; today, the manor house and other buildings comprising the Centre house the Władysław Wolkowski Museum, the African Museum and the Collection of Minerals and Fossils maintained by the Olkusz Centre of Culture.

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