Sets, Władysław Wołkowski Museum

The unique armchairs in the middle are the first thing one notices in the next room. The ‘Ślimaki’ (Snails) set is addressed to the viewer as a reference to nature. Note the ‘Koziołki’ (Billy-Goats) set with its charming design and the ‘Baran’ (Ram) armchair with playfully curved horns next to it. On the wall to the left is fabric titled ‘Pieśń ułańska’ (Uhlan’s Song) from the cycle that the artist called Strojeńce Polskie. Right next to it is one of the most beautiful components of Strojeńce Polskie, the ‘Dzwon Zygmunta’ (Sigismund Bell) created as an allegory of the authentic bell from the Wawel Castle. Its mathematical construction, harmonious repeatability of the pattern, its rhythm and the subdued colouring of the linen twine weave further accentuates the solemnity and dignity of the work. Wołkowski not only points to the form but also, in particular, portrays an object closely related to Polish history. Going further, you can see the ‘Siodło’ (Saddle) furniture set and, next to it, another Strojeniec piece titled ‘Wejście do krematorium’ (Entrance to the Crematorium).  You will also see the monumental Strojeniec piece titled ‘Korony Jagiellońskie’ (Jagiellonian Crowns) and massive chairs from the ‘Snopki’ (Sheaves) set underneath.

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