Nave, Szczyrzyc Abbey

The main nave of the church features beautifully renovated side altars, a choir and an 1892 organ while the ceiling displays the second part of the beautiful floral polychrome by painter Jan Bukowski. The construction of the mechanical organ started in 1885 and was completed in 1892. The constructor was the eminent organ master Tomasz Fall who used the Cistercian workshop in Szczyrzyc when constructing the instrument. After the establishment of his own organ master’s workshop, he built about 100 new organs there with as many renovated or expanded.  In 1965, the Szczyrzyc organ had a pneumatic element added. The other altars come from the 17th-century period of reconstruction of the church and underwent a major renovation several years ago. The polychromes in the entire church were renovated in 1968.

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