‘Roma People History and Culture’ Exhibition

Ściana z czarno-białymi zdjęciami Romów.

The exhibition presents main aspects of the process that, over the centuries, led the Roma people through various countries to Europe. In presenting the vicissitudes of the Roma people's fate, several important aspects were highlighted such as the motif of a journey, of the Roma people's place in societies and systems that were often foreign and sometimes hostile, of interaction with the social environment. The first room focuses on an attempt to clarify the origins of the Roma and to present migrations and cultural clashes that have taken place as a result of contacts with the populations of Europe. The second room presents the process of adaptation to local conditions as well as the unique and separate nature of the Roma community and its perception by the environment. The third room is about the tragedy of the genocide committed against the Roma by the German Nazis and their allies. Other rooms focus on the characteristics of the community in the post-war period, events and processes that led it to the present. All this is presented using Poland as an example.


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