Underground, Town Hall Museum, Oświęcim

Mury w podziemiach.

Remains of the cellars of the 16th-century town hall were discovered in 2012 during the renovation of the Main Market Square in Oświęcim. Their interior at the depth of 50 to120 cm below the current level of the Market Square can be seen thanks to sight openings and illumination placed in the Market Square slab between the ceiling ribs. The exhibition of Town Hall relics was marked by a different texture on the pavement of the Market Square. Two rooms separated with a wall 1 m thick, with a passage in the middle, have been preserved in the cellars. The rooms feature traces of brick barrel vaults, stone paving and partially preserved internal plasterwork. The only existing entrance leads through an underground reinforced concrete corridor dating back to World War II. The corridor connects the bunker in the north-eastern part of the market square with the new Town Hall building located at the southern frontage of the market square.


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