The tastiest Krakow summer festival is coming soon!

The tastiest Krakow summer festival is coming soon!

Dumplings - pierogi
Pierogi rule in Polish cuisine – we'll soon find it out during the 17th Pierogi Festival. On 14–18 August 2019, tasty aromas will float over the Small Market Square: meat stuffing with golden onion, spinach, sweet cheese or blueberries. In addition to the traditional several days of feasting and culinary workshops, there is also a rich artistic program planned.

As every year, we will try pierogi from various gastronomic points, which will compete for two prizes: the statuette of Saint Hyacinth with pierogi awarded by the jury and the audience award – the statuette of Casimir the Great.
Whoever visits the Small Market Square and tastes the products offered will be able to vote for the best pierogi by filling the competition voucher. Winners will be announced on 18 August at high noon.
During the festival, we will not only eat pierogi with pleasure, but we shall also make them. On 16 and 17 August between 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00, as well as on 18 August between 13.00, 14.30 and 16.00 we can take part in free pierogi making workshops – the art easy for some, difficult for others, but satisfying and delicious for everyone.
The 15 August is the day of Miraculous Power of Bouquets. The Pierogi Festival include an accompanying event consisting of floristic shows, artistic performances and a competition for the most beautiful herb bouquet.
There will also be several concerts of bands during the feast, presenting different musical styles.
16.08., at 20.00 – concert of the Buskers Band
17.08., at 20.00 – concert of the Muzyka Końca Lata band
 18.08., at 20.00 – concert of the Hard Times band

The festival is organized by the City of Krakow, Krakow Festival Office, Krakow Merchant Congregation.

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