White Chamber, Museum of Mountaineers and Brigands

Only rich landlords had a festive room without a stove. It was used in the summer. The appearance of the beams of its timber structure proves that the white room is the oldest part of the House under the Three Madonnas. In this room there is another unique ceiling covered with pictures painted on glass, this time with religious themes titled ‘Gorczańskie niebo’ (Gorce Heaven). There are wooden toys on display and visitors can also try mountaineer’s outfits on: women’s shirts worn and wide-sleeved shirts worn by ‘juhas’ shepherds, skirts, ‘kłobuk’ hats decorated with seashells, traditional ‘kierpce’ moccasins and even a colourful, embroidered cloak indispensable on mountain excursions. When embroidery came into fashion in the mid-19th century certain garments became festive, for example the embroidered cape or a shirt called the brigand’s shirt (the tangled cuffs of robbers’ shirts came into fashion as fringes). Display cabinets also contain rarely encountered memorabilia such old hats including one with bear tusks and glass amulets and another with a real eagle feather, belts, a knife and a traditional pipe.

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