Room with Balcony, House with a Tower, Biecz

A reconstruction of a 19th-century pharmacy in all its glory – from a counter with a mechanical calculator
and a notebook full of pharmacist's notes to shelves of medicines, and of course, a chair where the customer could sit while waiting for a prescription to be filled. The glass containers and bottles are scrupulously labelled in Latin, and psychoactive substances (e.g., opium and morphine) are locked in a separate display case. Looking at the displays, you can see plant motifs and patterns inspired by the Zakopane Style, which was the leading style for decorating furniture at the end of the 19th century.

Pharmacies used to be more than a place to purchase necessary medical products; they also sold perfume, shoe polish, and even ink. In a word, they had a selection of goods that met the requirements of even the pickiest of clients.

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