The Długosz Family Mausoleum, Sękowa

Mauzoleum Długoszów w kształcie greckiej świątyni z rzeźbami lwów na balustradzie schodów.

This is the final resting place of Władysław Długosz and his family.

Władysław Długosz (d. in 1937) was one of the best known and renowned representatives of the Polish oil industry. The tomb of the Długosz family was built in 1935. It is the largest and most original monument at the Sękowa parish cemetery. The style of the building resembles shrines of ancient Greece. Sculptures of lions guard the stone stairs leading to the mausoleum. The door is decorated with floral motifs. The shrine is surrounded by Doric columns with a bas-relief depicting Jesus and a few accompanying figures in the front. The roof is topped by a statue of a woman embracing a cross. The tomb is separated from the rest of the cemetery with a decorative fence. It underwent major renovation in 2013 thanks to the PRO MEMORIA Association and with the support of many institutions and individuals.

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