Chabówka Open-Air Rolling Stock Museum

The Open-Air Rolling Stock Museum in Chabówka opened in 1994 in the former engine house built during the Second World War. Exhibits started being collected as early as the mid-1980s. On several tracks, there are exhibitions consisting of restored retired steam engines, electric and diesel locomotives, ploughs, cranes, etc. Some of them were restored to full working order, thanks to which they can pull trains of vintage carriages. Old devices for cleaning furnaces and supplying coal and water to the active steam engines were left in operation. The location of the Open-Air Museum in Chabówka was facilitated by the proximity of one of the most beautiful railway lines in Poland: the Chabówka-Limanowa-Nowy Sącz line, whose original railway infrastructure has been preserved thanks to electrification and modernisation. Currently, the Open-Air Rolling Stock Museum in Chabówka has a large and varied collection of historical rolling stock. Every year, tens of thousands of people from Poland and abroad visit the Chabówka Open-Air Museum.

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