Historical machines

Ekspozycja zabytkowych maszyn

Each engine house had to be equipped with machines and devices for the maintenance of steam engines. Most of them were typical machine tools: wheel lathes, milling machines, or planers. Necessary elements of an engine house included a forge with a power hammer and a foundry, which served the following purposes: repairing carriage springs, forging running chassis elements, and casting bearings for axle shafts, spindle shafts, hydraulic-crank shafts, bushings, and many other friction elements in steam engines. Here, you will also find pillar drills, some employing the no-longer-used belt drive. The machinery and equipment exhibition also includes a table with fire-tube diameter fittings and a water pump used for pressure tests of boilers and boiler fittings. The devices presented here are already worn but their functional equivalents are still used in our workshops to repair steam locomotives and historical carriages. Most of the machines and devices displayed here come from the now-defunct Museum in Choszczno, where a small engine house functioned until the end of the 1980s.

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