Repair Hall, Open-Air Rolling Stock Museum


In accordance with regulations, all railway vehicles must be repaired and inspected. This must be carried out in a dedicated facility. The steam engine repair hall in the Open-Air Museum in Chabówka is a typical engine house built by the Germans during the occupation. The four-track repair hall in Chabówka was built at the end of 1944. Currently, it has three tracks with inspection bays for repairing the running chassis and running gear of locomotives and carriages. In place of the former fourth track, along the hall, there are specialised workshops: fittings workshop, pipe rolling workshop, machine tools workshop, forge, and foundry. Inside the repair hall is a tool storage room. Inspections and repairs of the steam locomotives and historical carriages are facilitated by the preserved technical infrastructure and an experienced team of employees. Thanks to this, the Open-Air Museum in Chabówka can carry out orders for running heritage trains with a program tailored to the needs of the client and make the rolling stock available for filming historically-accurate material.

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