Coal Hoist Open-Air Rolling Stock Museum

In the Open-Air Rolling Stock Museum in Chabówka, a Teudtloff-system coal hoist has been preserved. It is a so-called cage hoist. It was used to refill the coal supply in steam locomotives. Its job was to transport carts loaded with around 500kg of coal. The transport was carried out alternately by two carts. A full cart was pulled up on ropes by linear slides, while an empty cart moved down. The carts were loaded with coal manually or by gravity, that is, coal was collected in storage tanks above ground level (above the upper edge of the carts) and deposited into them. Next, the carts filled with coal were manually pushed to the coal hoist on narrow-gauge tracks. The rotating wheels used to direct the carts to the loading chamber at the bottom of the coal hoist are worth noting. Next, the carts were lifted by the hoist and at the very top, they were tilted forward and the coal was deposited on a shelf adjustable to the height of the locomotive. It took approx. 15 cartfuls to fill a locomotive with coal

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