Knight’s Hall, Sucha Beskidzka Municipal Museum

The knight’s hall also called the marshal’s hall is the largest and most representative room in the residence. This is where balls and feasts used to be organised by owners of the castle to honour renowned guests arriving in Sucha Beskidzka. The hall currently hosts municipal events, chamber concerts, congresses, symposia and conferences. Portraits of owners of the castle hang on the eastern wall of the hall above the exit to the cloister. They were painted by a Sucha Beskidzka painter Rafał Lenart. Here the attention is drawn to the mannerist, elaborately decorated sandstone fireplace that is unique on the national level and was founded in 1617 by Piotr Komorowski. The upper part of the fireplace features carved cartouches with coats of arms of Piotr Komorowski (Korczak crest to the left) and his wife Katarzyna nee Przerębska (Nowina crest to the right).

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