Suska sechlońska

Suska sechlońska on the table
Just pronouncing its name is an excellent diction exercise. But once we get through it, it's imperative to try what's behind this somewhat mysterious and complicated name.

Suska sechlońska is a purple plum, but it comes from a strictly defined region and has undergone appropriate processing. Let's start with the geographic area. Well, Suska Sechlońska is the pride of four municipalities in the Małopolska region: Laskowa, Iwkowa, Łososina Dolna and Żegocina. Thanks to the EU certificate, which was awarded to Suska Sechlońska in 2010, the area where it is produced is 239.55 square kilometres. How is it prepared? After harvesting, the fruits are dried and then smoked with hot smoke in special drying rooms. As a result, plums have a tender, fleshy inside and a wrinkled, sticky skin ranging in colour from navy blue to black. The taste is slightly sweet with a smoky aftertaste and smoked aroma. In Polish cuisine, Suska Sechlońska is most often used to make compotes, especially those ofor Christmas Eve, as an addition to meats, sauces, stuffing and cakes. And why suska sechlońska? In the local dialect, Suska means dried, and Sechlońska comes from the town of Sechna, in the Laskowa commune.


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