Locksmithing Museum, Świątniki Górne

Świątniki Górne is a town located in a picturesque part of the Pogórze Wielickie that has a magnificent view of the Beskids, the Tatra Mountains and the majestic Babia Góra to the south and of magical Krakow to the north. The area’s beautiful views have been attracting poets and painters for years. Stanisław Wyspiański was one such artist. He made drawings of a few houses in Świątniki and their reproductions can be seen in the Museum to this day. One of the local legends also maintains that Jadwiga, later to become Queen of Poland, was in awe of the beauty of the area when she travelled from Hungary to Wawel Castle to marry Władysław Jagiełło, the would-be king of Poland. Metal crafts flourished here many centuries ago and continues to this day, which is why the district is said to be ‘forged in metal’. The Locksmithing Museum was created in the building of the former Locksmithing School established in 1888. On display outside is one of the first tools used in the school workshops of the time: a large mechanical press dating from the time when the School was founded. Some of the exhibits are original while others have been reconstructed for purposes of presenting the history of this place.

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